Welcome to the Lechosa’s Legends Wall of Fame! All of these people right here have become a very important part of the Lechosa’s Hot Sauce community and are worthy of mention. To all of you, THANK YOU!

The list will continue to grow as the business grows and more people become Lechosa’s Legends.


Nick & Celeste Bosley

Anthony & Kristen Wickwire

Saul & Tori Sadler

Theo WIlliams

Scott & Denise Thissen

Paul Watson

Nick & Jessica Enns

Dan Polivka

Austin Meyer

Durville & Sara Patton

Matthew Burns

Otis RIckman

Michael & Amanda Hagans

Michael Ormaza

Jonathan Hagans

Dan & Sarah Purdy

Matt Homonnay

John Quinn

Jose Zarate