Hi! My name is David Lechosa, and the beautiful woman next to me is my wife, Samantha. I have been making hot sauces for a long time and I’m excited that this grew into such a fun business! I’m a bigger chili head than my wife, but she is better with numbers & details so I’m glad we get to work together as a team.

It all started with making homemade hot sauces for friends and family and then it grew into a hot sauce passion! After trying hundreds of hot sauces that are either too hot that you can’t taste your food or too weak where you can’t feel the heat at all, or those that have a super vinegary flavor or are just straight up weird! With so many options to choose from, why would you want to try our sauces? Well, the answer is simple. They are delicious sauces that are simple, tasty, and have an amazing balance of heat and flavor!

One of our customers said to me once, “Your sauce is so good that you just have to keep eating it, and keep eating it, even though your mouth is on fire! Sometimes I stop myself, and then I’m like, “OK lets have some more.” So I’m hoping that everyone can try our sauces and say they found the best balance of heat and flavor!